Why Choose Toronto

Thousands of people move to Canada's largest city every year. You've gotten a job offer to work fulltime, so you could be one of them. If you've got more than one option in terms of places to move you might be wondering: why? Why should I choose Toronto? What's so great about it? What can it offer me? We can provide you with some answers if you'll care to read below.

You Can Get a Job

This may seem like small potatoes to you if you've already got a job but unemployment is a major problem for a lot of Canadians. The promise of finding a job is akin to the possibility of a fountain of youth in terms of drawing power. With the city's broad economic base, there seem to be jobs for people of all skill sets and industries. If you were to go looking, perhaps you might find open entry level positions at a dentist office along with health care jobs, teaching positions, big shot executive jobs in business and finance as well as casting calls for movies, plays, TV shows, and concerts.

There's One of Everything

People come to Toronto from all over Ontario and the rest of Canada to find things that are hard to get. Need treatment for a rare type of cancer or ADHD? Toronto hospitals will be able to help. Want an education in a highly selective field like aerospace engineering? Attend a Toronto school. Want to buy an expensive, custom made wedding dress? Try a Toronto shop. The same applies to people as well. There are residents here of all nationalities and job descriptions.

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Entertainment Galore

Remember the small town days before Toronto? Patio sets on the lawn and a steak on the barbecue was your idea of a party. Well Toronto is famous for extravagant concerts, plays, trade shows, attractions, and clubs. There are sports teams to watch from all major professional leagues and acres upon acres of parkland where you can have your own adventures.

Getting Around is Easy

Toronto is huge, but its massive population has prompted the city to invest in an extensive, reliable, affordable public transportation system. Even those who live outside of the city in suburbs can get in to work at an English school in Toronto in just a few minutes with the help of the subway, buses, and the GO Train regional transit line.

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