The two-phase condo development Boutique Condominiums is certainly worth a look for anyone interested in the modern convenience offered by Toronto condominiums in the downtown area. Located at 126 Simcoe Street, the Boutique complex is a blend of two different buildings. The first phase stands 16 storeys and includes 333 units, a brick and glass building that blends ideas from turn-of-the-century and modern architecture. The second building, an entirely modern glass affair, stands 19 storeys and includes 191 units. Both buildings are located in close proximity to storied University Street.

Aside from its architecture, Boutique offers the very latest amenities for those looking for convenient Toronto condo living in both location and services. 24-hour concierge service is available seven days a week. This service includes housekeeping, a complex handyman, travel planning, and so on. In addition, the complex includes a fully equipped exercise area (meaning pool and yoga studio too!), guest suites, and a beautiful outdoor patio.

The beauty of living in a Toronto condo in the heart of the city is made apparent in buildings such as the Boutique on Simcoe. Convenience, art, and location all join together to make the units in this building worth a look for any home hunter.

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