The Florian

Today, it seems as though all condo developments are leaning (well, not leaning but standing straight up) towards higher, bigger, and more. But what if you are a buyer looking for a nice condo in downtown Toronto that is not out to beat the pack through sheer size? There are many good reasons for wanting to purchase a condo in a reasonable size complex, and if that is your idea of Toronto living, then The Florian project at Bay and Davenport in Yorkville might be a great place to start looking.

The Florian entails all of the beauty of the modern condominium building, but at less than half the height. In fact, the complex only has four condo suites per floor, and a grand total of 100. That means life in a 25-storey high complex, more than ten storeys less than the typical new building and, something very important to those used to more living room, greater square footage. In fact, the units at the Florian will be between 1700 and 20,000 square feet when the project is completed.

And with that extra floor space will come additional opportunities as far as rooms go, as well. Two bedrooms plus library is the smallest suite available, so you can truly shape your living space to suit your ideas of perfection even in downtown Toronto.

If you want to live in a downtown Toronto condo but need a little more space (though less building) than the typical new project entails, the Florian is definitely worth a look.

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Monday, June 24, 2019