L Tower

When it comes to Toronto, there is no location more ideal than along the scenic waterfront of Lake Ontario. The planned L Tower Condominium Complex will offer waterfront condominiums right on historic Yonge Street in downtown Toronto.

What that location means, among other things, is that residents have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view on all sides. On three sides, a view of the lake is afforded, while also on three sides residents of these downtown Toronto condos will be able to see the downtown area.

Of course, we did mention that location means more than just scenery. The L Tower condo is situated right in the heart of the city, with easy and quick access to everything from luxury shopping to Toronto Maple Leaf Games and some of the city's finest museums.

All of this will be in a package that is possibly one of the city's most unique. The name L Tower is derived from the shape of the complex, although depending on where you are viewing the building from it may look like a J as well. The concept of the tower lies in the preservation of the Hummingbird Centre on the waterfront, and the sweeping and elegant design of the building does the original centre justice.

If waterfront condo living in the downtown Toronto core is your idea of ideal residence, then check out the opportunities that will be available when the L Tower project is completed.

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