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If you plan on moving into the Toronto area in 2009, or relocating from your current Toronto home, then you might be interested to know about the Crystal Blu condo complex, a set of condominiums that is currently under construction.

Located at 21 Balmuto Street, near Bay and Bloor Streets, occupancy is scheduled for the Crystal Blu complex in April of 2009. The building towers a majestic 35 storeys into the air and will include a total of 138 units. The structure is in keeping with the very latest ideas in city architectural design, with an outer exterior shining with blue glass and a six-storey podium housing the two storey high lobby.

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Aside from the lobby, all of the amenities one could expect from a modern downtown Toronto condo complex are a part of the structure of the Crystal Blu. 24-hour concierge, a party room including a full bar, a caterer`s kitchen, a beautiful exercise room and an outdoor terrace with a hot tub are all a part of the luxuries that residents will enjoy.

So, if you are looking for a great home in the heart of downtown Toronto, one that combines location with luxurious living, a unit in the Crystal Blu condo complex is well worth a look.

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