The Victory

Rising 32 storeys into the Toronto skyline, the Victory building will be one of the premier locations for Toronto condo living. Located in the heart of the entertainment district, the condos at the Victory will be in close proximity to several important areas for anyone who lives in the downtown core: namely, opportunities for recreation and work, and easy access to the major transportation methods the city has in abundance.

The Victory building is designed to, at street level, blend into the rest of the neighbourhood, with a brick and stone base. The tower is what will set this building apart and lend an air of ultra-modernity to both the neighbourhood and the Toronto skyline in general, rising up in a glorious two-tower design made from glass and steel.

Inside the building, 323 suites are slated for occupancy sometime in the summer of 2010. These suites will include loft units with 12-foot ceilings, as well as standard units with nine-foot ceilings. Amenities in the tower will include a sauna, a gym, and a dining room.

The Victory Tower in downtown Toronto will offer residents some of the best opportunities, as far as condo living in Toronto goes. Check out the designs and features yourself! Take a moment to look who is one of the proud sponsors for our website.

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