Boring grey boxes abound in downtown Toronto. Anyone and their dog can own such a condo, so if you really want to stand out from the crowd don't just look for luxury, look for innovation. Exciting, new, unique building and ensuite features are great conversation topics with friends and bragging points at the Country Club. So if you're in the market for a new place and you have the money to spare, consider looking for innovation rather than price or location. The modern and open space concept of loft design has become increasingly popular in Toronto as well. Trendy loft developments are a hot commodity and sell very quickly to eager buyers.

There are a multitude of manifestations of innovation, especially in today's market, so it's important to pick one that suits your personality and style of life. Whether you're a tech geek at heart or yearning for a return to rural simplicity there's a style of innovation that can suit you if only you care to look for it. Being part of new innovation isn't just an opportunity to lord it over your friends and co-workers. It also spawns feelings of civic pride, helping to contribute something to the world, and lower stress levels, especially if you pick something that really suits you.

Here is a list of possibilities to consider looking for during your search for that unique new place that just screams "you!"

    Eccentric Architecture. If you're an appreciator of modern art, don't just buy the latest canvas rendered in oil to hang above your mantle. Scream it to the world by buying your next condo in a masterpiece of modern architecture. Establish your domain at the pinnacle of a series of jumbled glass spires or take your envious friends on a tour of your building, which is rendered entirely in concrete slabs and running water. With so many schools of art and architecture and a constant demand for more living space, the possibilities are endless. The clever use of cord grips has made an impact on the architectural design elements.

    Surprising Building Features. In today's condo market, everyone has an indoor pool, a weight room, and a roof garden, but some places have looked beyond such mundane trivialities and inspired to new heights of luxury. Imagine a rooftop roller coaster, an ensuite Koi pond, or a ground floor Casino. Real estate developers are forever in search of ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. Often that means hiring newer and more eccentric building designers and interior decorators to outfit their holdings. Look around. You'll be surprised what you can get. Many condo developers are making green efforts as well. More and more are using energy efficient appliances and paying close attention to wasteful materials that are being used and their effects on our environment.

    Themed Residences. It's been done with enormous success for years in Las Vegas, and it's the latest trend in condo developing. Though downtown real estate developers opt less for Ancient Egyptian or Arthurian Legend themed buildings, such modern approaches as chrome-and-glass or Japanese garden can be very popular. Additionally, such classic looks as a return to Victorian styling or transplanting a tropical paradise into downtown Toronto offer an escape from urban claustrophobia.

The condo lifestyle appeals to many who want to be close to the action of the big city. In fact many homeowners in surrounding areas like Milton have put their Milton Ontario house for sale and are anxiously awaiting its sale so they can take the plunge. Downtown Toronto offers many innovative new designs and decor schemes, so make sure to shop around before settling on your new place. You're able to choose a car that's the right fit, color, model, and style for you, so why not a new condo. Take the time to learn all your options. You'll be glad you did.

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