When it comes to making a mark on downtown condo living, the DNA condominium complex is certainly one that stands out. This beautifully designed building stands at 1005 King Street West and 1 Shaw Street, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. The building is a perfect blend of Toronto area history and modern architectural design techniques, standing apart from other complexes within the area.

The building houses a large variety of units, from loft-style complexes to more traditional units. The lobby itself is two storeys high and connects the two towers of the building with, of all things, a flexible bridge. As for the interiors of the suites themselves, sunlight and open space is the name of the game. The windows in all the units are large and positioned so as to expose the buildings to as much sunlight as possible, with entrances to outside terraces sketching from the interior.

When it comes to location, options, and design, there is no better example than the defining aspects to be found at DNA condos in downtown Toronto. This complex offers a great combination of convenience in location and modern living, as far as style, and they are certainly worth a look.

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