The Sylvia Lofts

Typically, the person looking for a Toronto condo, especially in the downtown area, is looking for a home located within easy distance of the opportunities, both economic and entertaining, that the city has to offer. If you are in this category, then it is likely that you are also interested in a condo that entails the essence of modern condo living, including exterior and interior design. If that sounds like the foundation for your condo wish list, then the Sylvia Lofts at 50 Camden Street may serve to pique your interest.

Camden Street is located just a short walk from those historic, arterial Toronto routes Spadina Avenue and Richmond Street West. As far as condos in Toronto go, few can rival this complex in the area of location.

As for design, the Sylvia Lofts encompass seven storeys, which include 55 suites in a building that continues the endeavours of local architects to revitalize the look of the downtown core. There is a wide selection of options as far as condo type and square footage, so there is something at the Sylvia Lofts for everyone.

A condo in Toronto's downtown that doesn't feel as close to the 24-hour busy atmosphere that defines the city is the perfect way to describe the units at the Sylvia Lofts. If this sounds like the right combination for you, check them out today.

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