The world of real estate can be a very confusing one. There are several different types of home styles, and within each type there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways in which that type can take form. The search for a condo for sale, with it's large size, is a perfect illustration of the complexities involved in home categorization. Because the city has such a large population and has developed over a long period of time, virtually every type of home in every category can be found somewhere, and that can make a perusal of a local MLS quite the journey. What is the MLS?

The focus of this site, of course, is condo living explained to those who aren't pursuing a career in real estate. This section will include articles on all information on condos you need to make your search for the perfect home a better one, as well as looking at those in other neighbourhoods. We think it will help a lot of people when it comes to understanding the different terms used to refer to condominiums that float around out there, not to mention the different types of condos that there are in the city.

Beyond defining what exactly is meant when people refer to condos by different names (loft, apartment, and so on) we will take a look at some basics of condominium living that hold true for this type of real estate not only in Toronto, but all over Canada. Many people wonder just what differentiates a condo style home from a standalone structure, and there are actually quite a few big differences. It is important for anyone considering the purchase of a condominium on Toronto's waterfront, for example, as their home to understand just what those differences are and how they will come into play once a condo home has been purchased. These might make all of the difference in choosing, whether you do contemporary dance and need a home with a place to stretch or a single guy looking more for location and amenities than space.

We also intend to keep our readers abreast of the different issues that come up when it comes to condo living in the city of Toronto. While municipal developments in regards to condo bylaws and zoning are unlikely to make the front page of the newspaper, regulations can have a serious impact on condo owners both present and future. Everything from the ability to rent units out to raising the price of a lease and strata fees have a direct impact on how condo owners manage their finances and their lives, and it is good to be in touch with developments in this area.

Of course, developments in the world of condominiums are not limited to taxes and prices only. The last decade has seen a major boom in terms of what living in a condo development actually means and we will take a look at some of these trends. The modern condo building bears little resemblance to the red brick structures of a couple of decades ago, and we will take a look at what approaches architects make in designing what has become the living choices for many of the urban hip.

This section is the place to turn to when you are looking for information on what exactly condo living is. From the basics to the latest trends, we will have articles that outline condo facts any condo owner or person considering a condo will find beneficial. For locations on where your family can go to pick your own apples for a fun day out, be sure to check out Luna Farms.

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