20 Stewart

Located in the heart of the city, at the intersection of Stewart and Portland, 20 Stewart is a great place to start a search for the perfect condo in downtown Toronto. Although it may appear dwarfed by the two buildings on either side, 20 Stewart is actually a structure that stands nine storeys high and contains 59 lofts in the most modern of designs. In fact, the two buildings on either side are a part of the complex in which 20 Stewart is included; the nine-storey building provides the link between the structures that lends the feel and look of modern architecture to this artistic structure.

As for the interior, the downtown Toronto condos at 20 Stewart include all the latest touches necessary for both a hint of modern architecture and the latest in urban decor. Floor to ceiling windows, large bathrooms and hardwood floors are all standard with any of the units at this complex.

Condo living in Toronto is one of the most popular housing options there is, due to great location and reasonable prices. Start your search for the best downtown Toronto condo for you at 20 Stewart and see what modern living means.

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