455 Adelaide St West

Looking for a condo in Toronto but not quite sure which style of home you want? Well, the condominium buildings at 455 Adelaide Street have a variety of styles for you to choose from. Located in the heart of the fashion district, this building has been dubbed an "urban oasis" and includes lofts, studios, penthouses, and standard condos alike.

One of the best features about all of the condos at 455 Adelaide Street is the amount of space available within each. These are not your typical Toronto area condos; most of the homes have 2000 square feet of space to live in, or more. The bathrooms are built to spa-like specifications and a building with a garden linking the north end to the lobby at the centre are just a couple of the great features that this condo development in Toronto has available for those interested.

The condos at Adelaide Street are some of the most unique opportunities available, as far as Toronto real estate goes. With suites open for viewing and sale immediately, this is one opportunity to buy a condo within the heart of Toronto that you may want to look into.

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