Luxury Condos and Townhouses

When it comes to building condos in Toronto, the key word is "up". The luxury high-rises are forever build up up up into the sky with no end in sight except for how much weight the building's base can hold up. The higher you get the bigger the condo and the better the view until you're lounging on your king-size authentic leopard skin bedspread sipping vodka and lime from your personal bar, admiring the panoramic view of the skyline offered by the enormous wrap-around windows of your penthouse apartment. There are also many lofts for sale Toronto that fit the bill for luxurious living as well that are worth taking a look at.

There are a number of hot spots within the heart of the city for condos, especially of the luxury variety. Downtown, Forest Hill, North Toronto, Rosedale, Yonge & St. Clair,Yorkville and Liberty-On-The-Park condominiums are all fairly safe bets for high-end real estate, so it would be best to start your search there.

Although the authentic leopard skin isn't a commonplace item (and would probably be frowned upon by animal rights activists) there are plenty of features, ranging from what rural dwellers would consider mundane to the extravagant and exotic that fall under the heading of "luxury" in the definition of most area realtors. Here are just some of the things you can expect:

    Parking. Any building worthy to be considered "luxury" must have its own parking garage with at least one space reserved for you as a tenant and extra space set aside for visitors. There's nothing more embarrassing than hosting a soiree only to find out there's not enough room in the garage for your associates' Escalades. Many of the condominium developments located in the Toronto area will have the desired parking spots we are mentioning.

    24-Hour Concierge. Owners of "luxury" dwellings should not be required to open their own doors, call their own cabs, or sign for their own mail. A uniformed concierge should be provided to handle all such mundane tasks as well as filtering out the riffraff from the esteemed visitors.

    Recreation Facilities. Indoor pool and weight room are a must. To earn enough money for a "luxury" condo owners must have very high-paying, very time consuming jobs, leaving little time for protracted trips to the neighborhood gym to maintain their figures. Buildings should also host one or more of the following according to your preference: a library, a sauna, a games room, or a movie theater. You will discover that most of the condos for sale in all have the best recreational facilities available in the city of Toronto.

    Laundry Service. Ensuite washer and dryer might do for the moderately luxurious, but the best buildings offer complimentary laundry service and dry cleaning to their tenants, most of whom lead lives too busy to wash their own clothing. Whether your garments are sent out for cleaning or cleansed in an in-building facility, the staff should handle everything for you.

These are, of course, essentials only. No respectable buyer of a luxury condo would accept anything less and neither should you. Realtors love to slap the "luxury" label onto all of their holdings, but if you're missing more than a few items from the list you may be getting fooled into taking a "regular" condo with a "luxury" label.

The definition of luxury will be mixed by the varying degrees of standards different people have. There is no doubt however that with the eclectic mix of condos that are currently available on the market right now each individual would be able to find their new dream home no matter if the luxury is everyday or extraordinary.

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