Patio Design Ideas

With most condos in Toronto you are lucky if you get any outdoor space at all. These are high-rise buildings that usually come with a little patio or balcony area rather than the green grass backyard that a person living in a single-family home might enjoy. But just because you're living at a place like a high rise condo development that doesn't mean that you can't create a great outdoor space for yourself with that patio, your time to try out some new design ideas from a nearby furniture store. Website funding provided in part by in Whitby, Ontario.

Think of how you would like to use your patio. For some people, it's a place to entertain and show off a gorgeous view to all of your friends after dinner. Others might want it to be a little sanctuary high up where they can enjoy a glass of wine and a good book as the sun sets in the summer. What you're planning to use your balcony know will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to design.

Make sure that you take measurements and use those to pick out your patio furniture. Condo balconies might have a picturesque view of the skyline or the water but unless you're paying top dollar for your unit, this is not usually a very large space. If you want to be able to fit a few people out there than you will likely need to forego any large pieces like reclining deck chairs. But there are many patio furniture designs that could work on your balcony. You just need to be equipped with the measurement numbers to ensure that you choose the right one.

Make your patio space an extension of the design style that you see inside your home. When you're dealing with a Toronto condo it's usually a small enough home that you will want to keep things consistent. This makes the home flow better from room to room and this should continue when you're moving outside. If you have a more modern feel to your unit, with clean lines and a low amount of clutter than you might want to keep your patio simple. If, instead, you have a very comfortable and eclectic home than you might want lots of different flowers and mismatched pieces out on your balcony to give it some character. It's completely up to your own personal tastes what might be best.

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