The Verve

If environmentally sound design is a part of your idea of the ideal downtown Toronto condo, then the Verve project on Homewood Avenue might be worth looking into. This project is not slated for occupancy until 2009 at the earliest, but design and the construction thus far are proof that this could be one of the most exciting developments in the downtown core, as far as this year's major condo projects are concerned.

The whole complex has been designed with environmental sustainability in mind, from the materials used on the exterior of the structure to the finishing inside the deluxe condo suites. The building rises against the skyline in one of Toronto's most vibrant neighbourhoods, a community which is constantly re-defining itself as one of the trendiest spots to hang out anywhere in the city.

As far as suites are concerned, the Verve is slated to offer condos in all styles, from lofts to the more traditional nine-foot-ceilinged units. Minimum square footage in the units is projected to be 642, making these suites larger than average. In addition, you can expect to enjoy a great outdoor living area in the form of a French balcony, regular balcony, or terrace.

There is no place more exciting when it comes to living in a condo in downtown Toronto, and units at the Verve will certainly be of interest to anyone thinking about buying a Toronto condo.

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