West Harbour City

If you have ever wondered what it could be like to take up residence in a historic and marked structure such as New York's Empire State Building, then the opportunity to buy a condominium in Toronto at the West Harbour City complex might be too good for you to pass up. Located at 620 Fleet Street, these waterfront condominiums have a great view of the city and Lake Ontario, and are housed within a structure that emulates some of the world's most innovative structural designs to boot.

There are two phases in the West Harbour City project, with the first tower standing at 36 storeys and containing 502 suites and the smaller, second tower standing 27 storeys with 320 suites. As you might guess, the sheer number of suites in total in this complex make for a lot of opportunity, as far as range of choice, from standard 550 square feet to sprawling 3000 square foot units.

The interior of these units has the very top end when it comes to additions and finishing, with the best brand names on all fixtures, fireplaces, halogen lighting, and more.

The waterfront in Toronto is one of the best places to buy a new condo home, and Toronto condo buyers would do well to take a look at what's on offer at West Harbour City.

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