Employment Resource Centres

Are you an individual who is having trouble finding a job? Many people leave their old, low paying job in their hometown and strike out for a big city like Toronto, hoping to make it rich. As the weeks and months pass without bringing the expected gold strike, many become disillusioned and return home broke. However, before you let that happen to you, take advantage of the free employment resource centers that the city of Toronto has set up specifically to help people like you.

As long as you live in the city of Toronto, you're eligible to use any of the fifteen employment resource centers scattered throughout the city free of charge. At these centers you will find staff members who are experts in helping others find jobs and retrain for new careers when the interlocking lead bricks manufacturing profession effectively disappears from the employment landscape. To meet with these staff members, just drop in. You don't need an appointment.

If you're having trouble meeting your bills and have lost your telephone and internet service, the employment resource center has these tools available. They've also got fax machines and printers and everything you need to search for that job in dealership marketing you're looking for. You can also look through the resource center's databank of available jobs and attend the periodic job fairs hosted by the center. If you're looking to pad your resume, the staff at the center can also direct you to volunteer opportunities that will look good to employers.

For those who are having more trouble with the application and interview part of the job hunt rather than the job search part, the counselors at the resource center are available to help with resume and cover letter writing and interview coaching. They'll help you turn those deck plans you wrote for your own house into work experience and teach you to pitch yourself to prospective employers with confidence.

Those who are just starting out in the employment world and don't know whether they want to end up working for as a home inspector or a big factory will find the books and career path information useful in deciding upon a career path. And people who are in need of financial assistance for living or job training will appreciate the benefits that are available through the center and the federal government for those in need. Staff can tell you all about them and help you apply.

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