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Where you live in the world will give you a very different perspective on what exactly is implied when one talks about the real estate scene. In northern Ontario, real estate is centred on the acreage; the family farm or trophy lands for some. In medium-sized urban centres, the biggest percentage of real estate will probably be in the category of single detached homes. Multi-unit residential complexes are present in the latter, but usually they are not exactly awe inspiring or even practical for those who live in the area.

Big city living, however, means that there is a whole different spin on what exactly real estate means. The trend in big cities over the last couple of decades has been a focus on building up instead of building out, and that has meant one thing: the rise in popularity and number of condominium buildings on the market. And when it comes to big city living, Toronto is one of the biggest of all.

The marriage of convenience and necessity has led to something that on this website we are calling condomania. What is the definition of condomania? Well, it includes a few different areas that one can see when considering the phenomena of condominiums within big cities.

The first aspect, of course, is the convenience of the condominium complex for residents of the city in question. There are a number of different reasons why condos seem to be preferable for those residing in cities such as Toronto. We will take a look at these reasons in more detail in the articles included in the appropriate section.

Second, there is the mindset of the person who is interested in buying a condo. Condominium living is definitely prevalent within a couple of different demographics, and we will take a look at what these brackets are and why they are so suited to a lifestyle based from a condo home. You might be surprised at the range the different condo brackets entail! Not all condo buildings in the downtown district cost an arm and a leg.

And then, of course, there are all the different specific aspects that come into play when one considers condo living within the Toronto area. Which neighbourhoods house condos, and what makes the condos in that neighbourhood appealing to certain people? Yet another topic that we will broach in our articles regarding the rise and sustained popularity of the condo complex within the Toronto area.

We are also going to take a look at some of the expectations those living in the condo world bring to bear when analyzing which condo might suit them best. There have been some major steps in the evolution of the condominium building over the last couple of decades. The concept has gone from one of the space-conserving housing complex to the ultra-chic all inclusive resort-style buildings that can be seen in major cities all over the world today. In fact, one could argue that modern condomania mean that aside from a career, all the necessities one needs to live are housed right within a condo complex. Many of the buildings we discuss on our site have become communities within themselves, just built on a vertical plane instead of a horizontal one.

Finally, consider the vast hype that condominium complexes tend to attract when they are announced within big cities in this day and age. Developers have been taking advantage of people's desires for the convenience of condo buildings and announcing plans before hand. More often than not, units have been purchased in total before the occupancy date has even been reached. This says something not only about the skill of the architects and designers but also about what condomania mean to people who live in Toronto and other parts of the world. Looking at the reasons behind this phenomenon is interesting and educational, and can certainly help those thinking about purchasing a condo unit in determining the best course of action.

Condo living means embracing a lifestyle that is unique unto itself. It is a combination of urban communal living and privacy, affordability and luxury. There is no better place in Canada than Toronto to use as our example when it comes to exemplifying all the areas that condo living entails, and we think you will find the information we have on offer here to be interesting whether you are just interested in urban lifestyle or in buying a condo unit of your own.

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